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Amarna Period

  • Porträtkopf der Königin Teje mit Doppelfederkrone
  • Photo: Plaster Mask
  • Stele used as an altar showing Akhenaten, Nefertiti and 3 daughters
  • Relief of Akhenaton
  • Nefertiti
  • Bust of Akhenaten
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Room 2.09: Amarna Period


Amenophis III and Tiye

The reign of Amenophis III marked the beginning of a new political era with a strong focus on diplomatic relations with neighbouring peoples and an economic upturn in Egypt. Amenophis III was unconventional in the choice of his 'Great Royal Wife', Tiye, who was in fact a commoner by birth. The royal couple had two sons. The first-born, Thutmosis, died young, leaving the second-born to succeed his father to the throne as Amenophis IV/Echnaton. Tiye supported her son who raised her status from that of a queen mother to that of a goddess by reworking her famous head statue.

Room 2.12: Below the rays of Aton - The Royal Family in Amarna

Numerous models and sculptures of the royal family were created in the workshops of Achet-Aten, many of them were left unfinished. The reforms aspired by Akhenaten and Nefertiti were made recognizable in the representations produced for the general public. The strict right-angled axial symmetry of form was abandoned, facial features were represented more realistically. The new style of art is particularly striking in the heads of statues of princesses with exaggerated flaring skulls which is not to be attributed to genetic abnormalities or deliberate changes to the skull structure in infancy. The back of the head is an added artistic construct designed to form a harmonious continuation of the forward sweep of the extending neck and the protruding chin.


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