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Room 2.10: Bust of Queen Nefertiti

An entire room is set aside for Nefertiti. She is joined only by James Simon who funded the excavations in Amarna and acquired ownership of the bust when the finds were divided and bequeathed it to the National Museums in Berlin. The gaze of the Sun Queen goes through the rooms of the New Museum right through to the south dome where it meets the statue of the sun-god Helios from Alexandria. The bust of Nefertiti was created around 1340 BC by the court sculptor Thutmose, in whose studio in Amarna she stood as a sculptor’s model. The limestone core was given its final form by several layers of stucco on the crown and shoulders, and there are also small areas of stucco patching on the face - made visible under the paint by the use of computer tomography. The individuality of the artist and the personality of the queen unite to bring immediacy to the expression ‘beyond time and space’.


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