Society for the Promotion of the Egyptian Museum Berlin

For us...

sponsoring of the Egyptian museum, one of the most important collections of Egyptian Art, is an active contribution to our own cultural identity. To enhance the intuitive encounter with originals from ancient Egypt is our highest goal.
In the first decades of it foundation in 1973 the Society has build up a valuable collection of ancient Egyptian artworks and given these to the, then in Charlottenburg localized, museum as a permanent loan. The Society has made possible many special exhibitions ranging from Tutankhamun in 1981 until the exhibition 'Book of the Dead (in 2004).
Nowdays the main emphasis lies in restoration especially of the large stored objects which will be exhibited in the new museum on the museums island and in the financial support of the research project in the Sudan. Support of the excavation and restoration of a Meroitic temple a part of the excavation project of the Egyptian Museum in Naga Sudan promotes the dialog between Europe, the Near East and Africa .
The executive board and board of trustees is mads up of institutions and corporations which serve as multiplication factors for the international profile of the museum.

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