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Archeological Promenade

Corresponding to the north-south axis of the New Museum on level 0, the archaeological promenade, the architectonic and thematic backbone of the Museum Island, is being developed. The sequence of rooms is to lead from the Old Museum via the new Museum to the Pergamon- and the Bode Museum presenting themes of multidisciplinary interest. The sequence of rooms with the themes: Time and History (0.01), God and Gods (0.04), the Netherworld and Eternity (0.09), Travel to the Netherworld (0.12), and World Order (0.13), are already a central part of this concept to which ten different departments of the state museums have contributed. The archaeological promenade intends to motivate visits to the other museums which have contributed to the exhibition and to inspire and stimulate visitors to consider their own beliefs concerning the fundamental question of our existence.
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Room 0.00: Time and history

A central theme of the historical museum is presented here: time and history. a kings list and genealogy of a priests family from Egypt, astronomical cuneiform texts, a roman celestial globe and texts to the dating systems of ancient cultures display the transcultural approach of the archaeological promenade.

Room 0.04: God and gods


Room 0.09: Netherworld and ethernity

The Netherworld and Eternity continues into a lower room in with two Sachmet statues will, in the future leadto the Pergamon Museum.

Room 0.12: Journey to the underworld - Egyptian courtyard




Books of the Underworld


Room 0.13: World order




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