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Hamm / Germany
Altes Ägypten (Be)greifen.

28.09.2008 - 26.04.2009

Die Ausstellung ist für sehende, sehbehinderte und behinderte Besucher konzipiert. Erklärungstexte gibt es auch in Brailleschrift, Großbuchstaben oder via Audio-Guide.

Neue Bahnhofstraße 9,
D - 59065 Hamm

Berlin / Germany
Cult of the Artist: Giacometti, the Egyptian.

Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung
29.10.2008 - 15.02.2009

Ancient Egyptian art reflected in the work of a giant of modern art -
this exhibition will open new perspectives by drawing our gaze towards the more formal essentials, away from the iconological mode of viewing works of art, thus allowing us to take a look at the artist behind the work.
The Ancient Egyptians exerted an intense fascination over Alberto Giacometti, a fascination which was to last over several decades. Countless drawings of Egyptian originals (including sculptures in the Berlin collection) bear witness to this fact; Giacometti mentioned Egypt time and again in his writings and interviews.
Above all, it is his visualization of space through pictorial means, that shows his affinity to the Ancient Egyptians, whose art so much inspired him. What interested him the most was the figurative approach of the ancient artist, whom he saw, not as anonymous (in contrast to the commonly held view of Egyptologists), but as an individual, and someone who had wrestled with form and style no less than he himself had. Works by Giacometti from the 'Sammlung der Alberto Giacometti-Stiftung' in Zurich, now integrated into the sculpture halls of the Egyptian Museum's permanent exhibition, invite visitors to listen to a dialogue between artists, as they communicate with each other in a common language of forms, which traverses several millennia.
Giacometti's work, having been placed in these surroundings, reveals how steadfastly it is rooted in the past, as well as allowing the art of the Ancient Egyptians to, once again, exude an extraordinary freshness and relevance.
Maurizio Nannucci's 'ALL ART HAS BEEN CONTEMPORARY', which is displayed outside of the museum, can be taken as an appropriate invitation to 'GIACOMETTI, THE EGYPTIAN'.

Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlun
Museumsinsel, Lustgarten
10178 Berlin-Mitte

Berlin / Germany
Pyramids and Sphinx.
Giza in historic photographs

An exhibition within the framework of the 3rd European Month of Photography Berlin 2008
organized by the Egyptian Museum and Papyrussammlung (SMB) and the Photo Archive of the Prussian Cultural Heritage
12.11.2008 - 09.01.2009

To travel to Egypt in the 19th century meant, then as today, to visit the Pyramids and the Sphinx of Giza. These archaic monuments pointing to ancient 'biblical' times were considered to be the greatest enigma created by human means. Those who waded through he sand to the sphinx or who climbed the Cheops pyramid wanted a photo as prove and remembrance of the event. This service was provided from the 1860's, by photographers who opened ateliers at the major tourist centres.

In this exhibition ca. 60 photos taken between 1852 and 1900 large formate vintage photos and stereo photographs as well as calling cards and picture postcards can be sen .

According to the theme of this year's 'Month of Photography ' many of the photographs have not been exhibited before. The photographers, on the other hand, are well known to the connoisseurs: R. Murray, J. Robertson & F. Beato, F. M. Good, W. Hammerschmidt, A. Beato, F. Bonfils, P. Sébah, L. Fiorillo, Gebr. Zangaki, G. Lékégian, Abdullah Frères, H. Arnoux.

Bildarchiv Preußischer Kulturbesitz,
Märkisches Ufer 16 - 18,
10179 Berlin
(Near U-Bahnhof Märkisches Museum)
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